Ossila type adapter

The adapter has been designed to allow the measurement of solar cells made on Ossila substrates:

  • 8-pixel (S211 / S213),
  • 6-pixel (S101 / S103),
  • 6-pixel (S171).


Main features of the Osila type adapter are:

  • light intensity sensor (small silicon solar cell) integrated in the plate,
  • temperature sensor (with a spring), which allows to measure the temperature of the back side of the test sample,
  • an advanced DIP switch system, that allows the measurement of each pixel, easily change polarity, or connect a reference cell to the measuring system,
  • HD15 connector allowing to connect an active pixel to the measuring system, e.g. Keithley SMU, temperature meter (PT100), and signal from the light intensity sensor,
  • holes enable quick and easy mounting on various optical tables and other devices.  


Temperature converter R/I

Temperature transducers are designed to convert the results of temperature measurement, using a Pt sensor at the standard current value of 4-20 mA with 12-36VDC power supply. It is ideal to use in temperature controlling and measuring systems.


Temperature converter/transmitter features:

  • Stable high linear conversion, low temperature drift,
  • 12-36V wide range power supply,
  • Support 2-wire or 3-wire RTD PT100/PT1000 input,
  • Standard input temperature range: -5°C ÷ +70°C (other range on request),
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C ÷ +50°C.